Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct translates the core values of community dance into standards of ethical and responsible practice to which our Wedding Dance NZ community dance professionals adhere. It enables them to be upfront and clear in how they go about their work, their ethical stance on how they approach their work, and the expectations people can have of them in terms of their professional behaviour, actions and attitudes. It is presented below in the first-person tense to reflect actual use:

Professional competence

As a community dance artist, teacher and/or instructor, I believe that I have a responsibility to myself, the profession and to the people with whom I work with, to do the best I can. I aspire to bring quality to everything I do and commit to investing in my own continuing professional development to ensure the relevance and quality of my practice and uphold the standards of the profession within the relevant and legislative frameworks and government directives.

  • I have the necessary range of skills, knowledge and experience for the work I do
  • I am clear about the boundaries of my professional competence and work within them
  • I am forthcoming and truthful about my professional experience and qualifications
  • I do what is necessary to ensure that I am competent to do the work I do and take steps to practise in a fully skilled manner
  • I demonstrate my commitment to developing and improving my skills, knowledge and abilities through engaging in ongoing professional development
  • I keep up-to-date with developments in practice, training, legislation and agendas that inform my work
  • I take responsibility for enabling other people to understand what I do
  • I will work within the required health and safety legislation
  • I am committed to the principles of equal opportunities and human rights.


As a community dance artist, teacher and/or leader I work and behave with integrity: being open, trustworthy, sincere and consistent in the way I conduct myself and my work; following this through in my professional relationships and in undertaking my work in a responsible, thorough and accountable manner. I strive to bring credit to the community dance profession and the people I work for and with.

  • I do what I say I will do, and take responsibility for my own actions
  • I am honest, open and consistent in all my professional and business relationships
  • I maintain effective communication and work in a collaborative and cooperative manner with employers, other professionals and organisations
  • I prepare thoroughly, and undertake the research and discussion necessary for me and others to understand and agree the context for my work, the aims and desired outcomes, who I will be working with, where and how
  • I am clear in advance about the support I need to do my work effectively, and work in partnership with others to ensure this support is available and in place
  • I carry out, and keep up to date with, all relevant paperwork and administration to support my work, including that required by my employers and colleagues
  • I charge appropriately for my services, to reflect the extent and quality of the work that I do, and the continuing professional development I undertake
  • I ensure that others who might cover my work in my absence have appropriate levels of competence and are adequately informed about the purpose of the session, the context and the participants
  • I turn up in time for work (or if I can’t, communicate this to others in good time)
  • I ensure that my appearance and behaviour are appropriate to the context I am working in, the participants I am working with, and present myself and my employers in a positive light
  • I monitor the quality of my work, seeking and acting on feedback from participants, employers and colleagues
  • I reflect on my work and apply what I learn from this to improve my skill
  • I will fulfil all my obligations with regard to health and safety, equal opportunities and human rights.


As a community dance artist, teacher and/or leader I believe that every participant has a right to enjoy their dancing in an environment that provides for their personal safety, and that I have a responsibility to act in the best interests of their physical and mental wellbeing in the work that I do. I am committed to ensuring that my practice is informed by, and complies with, relevant statutory or legal requirements that safeguard my own and others’ legal, civil and human rights.

  • I take steps to keep informed of any statutory or legal requirements that may affect my work
  • I know, or will find out, the extent of my professional responsibilities and liability in relation to the work I do
  • I ensure that the dance activities I lead are compliant with the current legislative framework and are in line with current safe dance practice guidelines
  • I familiarise myself with the procedures and protocols of the places I work in, and agree with outside employers the policies, processes, roles and responsibilities that will support the safe delivery of my work
  • I comply with all statutory requirements affecting health and safety at work
  • I understand my legal obligations when working with children or vulnerable adults and ensure I have a relevant Police check if appropriate
  • I ensure that risk assessments are carried out on my sessions and I manage risks accordingly
  • I ensure that nothing in my control is of detriment to the health, safety and wellbeing of participants
  • I do not take on, or continue with work that I cannot do safely, and ensure that I report to the appropriate person when safety is compromised
  • I encourage participants to take active responsibility for their own welfare, behaviour and actions, and assist other staff and supporters to participate safely and happily
  • I undertake any necessary monitoring, record keeping and reporting around issues of consent and confidentiality to maintain a safe working environment
  • I set, agree, and monitor clear and appropriate personal boundaries to ensure the integrity of my relationships with participants and employers.

Working with people

As a community dance artist, teacher and/or leader I believe that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and recognised as an independent and equal human being. I celebrate the diversity of human experience, strive to support and enhance the autonomy of the individuals I work with and ensure that nothing I do discriminates on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, national or social origin or other status.

  • I work in an open, encouraging and sensitive manner to create an inclusive and supportive environment in which individual experiences, abilities and interests are acknowledged and given space to be shared
  • I create time / space to build relationships that acknowledge and respect individual difference, perception and need
  • I invite feedback, encourage input from individuals, and build positively on their contributions; I am willing to be a co-learner and share ownership of the dance activity
  • I enable and assist individuals to make independent choices and decisions
  • I use appropriate and inclusive language that can be understood by all participants, is culturally appropriate and enables individuals to access the dance experience
  • I respect and acknowledge the position, experience and expertise of other specialist and support staff
  • I am aware of, and able to take responsibility for my own wellbeing, and enable other people to take responsibility for their behaviour and relationships with others.

Commitment to the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out what you can expect of me as a community dance artist, teacher and/or leader. If you feel that I have not fulfilled this code in spirit or in action, I will commit to:

  • Strive to be reflective in my work and listen, and respond appropriately to, your feedback
  • Enter into an open and constructive discussion with you about your concerns
  • Take responsibility for taking steps to review, and change if appropriate, my actions, behaviours or conduct.