Wedding Dance Lessons

Ranging from a traditional bridal waltz to something more upbeat. You don’t need to have any dance experience and we can work with whatever skill level you have to make your first dance look amazing to your chosen song.

All dance lessons occur in a private dance space. We feel it’s very important to have your own private dance space when learning your wedding dance, without the distraction of other lessons or classes on the floor that could be intimidating or distracting.

Before starting your first dance lesson it’s important for the ladies to describe (in private) what kind of a dress they will be wearing, whether it is a slim evening gown, if it has a big puffy skirt with lots of heavy material or whether it has a long train. A picture of the dress would be ideal to bring.

Knowing the type of wedding dress you will be wearing will help assist in knowing what type of choreography will work, without giving you any difficult moves that could get you into trouble on the big day.

It’s also a good idea to wear a similar type dress to the lesson, as dancing in your wedding dress on the night will feel completely different to dancing in your casual clothes that you have been practising in and wearing to your lessons. If you do not want your partner to know what type of dress you will be wearing before the big day, you could also put it on and have a quick dance with your choreographer while your partner waits outside so no surprises are let out of the hat.

Choosing Your Song For Your Wedding Dance

I always say the song you choose for your first wedding dance should mean something and be special to both of you. If you don’t have a special song, that’s ok too, but I would strongly suggest having something picked before your first dance lesson to eliminate any time wasted you could be spending on your dance. Even though the bride and groom may have different taste in music, my advice would be to pick something you both like.

If you are struggling to choose just one song, bring your top 2 or 3 choices to your first dance lesson and we can discuss what would work best for you.

Sometimes your favourite song just won’t work for a first dance. It may be too fast, or the music may be designed for a dance with a higher degree of difficulty. At your first dance lesson, We are always happy to give our expert opinion(s) on your music choice to get the best possible result out of your dance for you.

When should we start Dance Lessons?

3-6 months before the wedding is a good time to start dance lessons and will allow you to get comfortable with each other and the routine.

Here you can make decisions on how many lessons you think you will need and how often you would like them, whether it is weekly or fortnightly or a combination of the two.

Apart from learning a specialised choreographed routine, starting 3-6 months before the wedding may even allow you to learn some moves for the reception.

You will be able to learn some basic dance steps, twirls, dips and lifts or whatever you choose to put together an amazing choreographed routine that will look natural and romantic for your special dance.

On your first dance lesson, it’s always a good idea to discuss what you are wanting to get out of your dance and if you have any special requests. It does depend on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into your dance both in the lesson and practicing at home for our choreographers to best assist you, getting you ready for your special day. Talk to us about your wedding dance lessons and we can map out a suitable time table to ensure your dance is memorable one.

What shoes to wear for your wedding dance – tips for the bride?

There are those ladies out there that can run marathons in heels and those that just love to walk around barefoot all day, every day. There are no rules about your wedding day. It’s your day so you make up the rules! This is the same when it comes to your wedding dance.

You may choose to stick with the heels you have been wearing all day or you may choose to change to ballet flats for comfort or even go barefoot. If you choose to go without heels, be mindful of the height difference between you and your partner.

I do however recommend you go with whatever shoes you have (or have not) been wearing in your dance lessons, as if you have been practicing in joggers and then all of a sudden on your wedding night try to dance in 3 inch heels, you might get a rude shock and things could fall apart.

If you decide you are going to be wearing heels to dance in, Please DO NOT wear your wedding shoes to your dance lessons. Most wedding shoes will be white and pristine, which they wont be by the end of your dance lessons – especially if you or your partner has two left feet.

Find some shoes with a similar height heel and wear those instead. Now be aware that most dance studios don’t allow thin heels to be worn as they can damage the wooden floor surfaces. You may need to look into getting some heel guards or heel protectors.

Do we need to dance for the whole song?

Keep it simple. With so many things to think about on the day, you don’t want to be worrying about remembering a long dance routine. Keep it short and sweet. The average song is between 2-3 minutes. If you have picked a song that’s longer and you don’t want to dance out the entire song? you can either have the DJ fade it out at the appropriate time or have it cut professionally.

What other clients say

Thank you so much to Julian and Connie for helping us with our wedding dance. We could not have done it without you. The lessons were fun and tailored to our ability and there were no issues with squeezing in an extra lesson to ease our minds. Thank you so much for making our first dance a pleasure! Highly recommended!

― Jenny & Phillip

Highly recommend both Thursday night classes and Private lessons. My husband and I had lessons for our wedding dance where Julian choreographed a dance to music of our choice. We had so much fun and the moves were based on our abilities. Guest said we looked like professionals! Thank you so much Julian!

― Tim & Coralee